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  • Bitcoin's 434th death in 10 years. If you didn't learn already: Hold.
    by /u/Many_Scratch2269 on December 4, 2021 at 9:05 pm

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  • Today is actually a really good day for Crypto
    by /u/Flying_Koeksister on December 4, 2021 at 8:00 pm

    For everyone who is relatively new to crypto. Today is what I call a good day. The markets gave some proper discounts all round especially with BTC. I was holding onto "buying the dip" because btc really wasn't showing proper discounts until today. Now of course I didn't go all in, a bought a little of the dip, then there was a big dip and I bought some more just before the minor recovery. Now if BTC drops even more I'll buy some more. Basically just DCA'ing down. So yeah today is a great day, because its the first of proper discounts all around. Get them while they hot! some other bits : *I'm really amped - my CEX finally has SOL on, I've been wanting to get in for a long time 😀 *Algo hasn't had nice discounts :(, submitted by /u/Flying_Koeksister [link] [comments]

  • Has btc ever recovered this strong before?
    by /u/olihowells on December 4, 2021 at 7:59 pm

    Suddenly a 22% crash has turned in to an 8% dip, has anyone ever seen btc recover like this before? I know btc usually rebounds strong but this seems like it’s on another level, I wonder how the people that panic sold down at 42k are feeling now. Looking at Binance, ETH is down a whopping 2.5%, that’s literally just normal daily volatility at that point. It’s crazy how quickly things can change in this market. Perhaps we’ll drop a bit more again before we hit 50k but to me this seems incredibly bullish. What do you think will happen next? Was this just the shakeout before the next rise? Could the 100k btc by eoy predictions still be valid? Would love to know what everyone’s thinking now! submitted by /u/olihowells [link] [comments]

  • Loopring (LRC), the solution for Ethereum scalability
    by /u/amfetaminetjes on December 4, 2021 at 6:53 pm

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  • If Bitcoin can survive 2014 then nothing can kill it (especially not this little mini crash)
    by /u/Gaming_Forever on December 4, 2021 at 6:49 pm

    I first got into Bitcoin in December 2017 and quickly saw the awful collapse of 2018 - 2020 Bear market. But during that time of January 2018 I really started to research Bitcoins history and technology and I really fell in love. Now this post wont be about the technology since we already have plenty talking about it but instead we'll talk about the history. Specifically the year 2014. When Shit Hits The Fan Mt Gox gets hacked A lot of new people might not understand it but Mt Gox was the biggest Bitcoin Exchange at the time accounting for 70% of all Bitcoin volume at the time. Imagine bigger than Coinbase and Binance combined. A lot of people lost everything and its hard to keep people motivated in the technology when they no longer have the thousands in it they once had. Even worse all their money belongs to a hacker now who will benefit the most from bitcoin adoption. Bit License New York City creates the Bit License. One of the most repressive regulations the crypto market has seen. Back then a lot of Bitcoin startups were in New York City and this Bit license regulation shut down a huge portion of the Bitcoin startups at the time. Even throwing in jail some of the more high profile people in Bitcoin at the time over weird technicalities. This crack down really hurt a lot if innovation and real world adoption that Bitcoin was going through at the time. Creating the biggest government hurdle that Bitcoin had to face yet. Nobody knew if Bitcoin would survive this. They were only a 1 Billion dollar asset at the time and there was no guarantee of network effect to withstand this kind of attack. Silk Road Shutdown In late 2013 Silk Road was shutdown. It was the biggest real world use case for Bitcoin at the time. Since it was the first dark web marketplace to accept Bitcoin and then subsequently was shut down. A lot of people believed that was it for Bitcoin on the dark web. nobody new that a bunch of copycats would emerge over the years to pick up the mantle. All they new was that Silk Road was gone and with it the biggest real world use case for Bitcoin was taken too. Blocksize wars Satoshi had left the project in 2011 but by 2014 Bitcoin was really starting to feel the loss of its figurehead when it came to the block size debate. Satoshi's word was almost like gospel back then. Anytime the blockchain needed an important decision or an emergency fix Satoshi was always there to lead the way. But now Satoshi had been gone for 3 years and the Block size debate was getting extremely divisive and personal. Now I wont get into the benefits of both sides of the war since this post is about history and not technicals. But the main take away is that the community was divided in two and it was only going to get worse. leading to the Bitcoin Cash fork that split off half of the community. Conclusion Add all this together with Bitcoin going down 90% from a high of 1k to a low of $100 then it seems like Bitcoin is bound to die... that is until it didn't. The next halving cycle came and Bitcoin shot up to the infamous 20k of the 2017 Bull cycle before crashing down again. In conclusion, Bitcoin isn't going anywhere. not from the 2018 crash, not from this crash, and not from the 2026 crash. If Bitcoin can survive 2014 then Bitcoin can survive anything. submitted by /u/Gaming_Forever [link] [comments]

  • Why is everyone pissed off?
    by /u/yakattack87 on December 4, 2021 at 6:48 pm

    So ever since May, just after ETH was pumping hard and I dropped 2k into it, then I got scared when the May crash hit, waited till June, cashed out (lost $700) then watched it hit ATH a couple months later. I've been thirsting for a crash ever since. Your not going to get rich with a coin like ETH or BTC that's going to continue to just rise. You gotta hope, pray, wish for a crash to buy into. If I followed this rule in May I would have 3-4x my money today. I LITERALLY DREAM OF THIS, CRAVE IT! I was jumping for joy last night as my whole portfolio was taking a shit and I just kept dropping more money till it started to go back up. I felt like a kid at the candy store. Be happy folks! submitted by /u/yakattack87 [link] [comments]

  • Influencers were predicting 100k BTC because that's what you wanted to hear
    by /u/busterrulezzz on December 4, 2021 at 5:39 pm

    I saw a lot of posts yesterday complaining about wild predictions not coming to fruition. Multiple crypto-influencers were predicting Bitcoin would be above 100k before the end of the year, and as it's not likely to happen after that nasty crash, some people are mad. But here's the thing : talking heads are making crazy predictions because it's what we, as a community, want to hear. We want to be comforted about our investment choices, so we only listen to the voices that are churning out bullish news and insane price targets. On the other hand, down-to-earth influencers, or those warning us crypto markets movements are famously hard to predict, are ignored, while those with rocket emojis in their YouTube thumbnails are racking up millions of views for their videos. Here is the truth : when it comes to short-term prediction, absolutely nobody has any clue about anything. We can try to predict where the market is heading (I tried it myself a few times), but to give a precise target such as "BTC 100k EOY!" is just non-sense. You could end up being right, or entirely wrong. That's why I try to stay away from all that noise. I choose solid projects, I DCA, I stake when possible and I relax. It's really not that complicated. I still keep small bags of various alts, just in case, but the bulk of my money is into ETH. Of course, I won't give you a price target today, but I am still certain that, in ten years, ETH will have more value then today. So, here's my tip : get in with a strategy, and stick to it, while ignoring price predictions, TA and influencers. Long-term, you'll be happier, and possibly richer. submitted by /u/busterrulezzz [link] [comments]

  • Crypto is officially dead, please sell all your Crypto
    by /u/erjo5055 on December 4, 2021 at 4:52 pm

    Hi all, as you can see from this massive dip that does not happen every few weeks in crypto, crypto is officially dead. This is definetly not a normal occurrence in the crypto world, please do not look at charts and notice this is a common occurrence. Instead please panic sell, and leave crypto forever. I definetly do not intend to gobble up the panic sellers, no, I believe crypto is 100% dead this time. Its only up a few hundred percent this year which isn't enough to confirm its now an institutional, mature asset class. Being only a few trillion dollars, it will likely disappear overnight. So again, please panic sell, the end is here, and please continue to post about how scary and world ending this 10-15% dip is. Edit: pls stop buying, price is going up again. I'm trying to buy to help you guys exit at a good price is all (you're welcome) but crypto is definetly dead. Please sell and continue to panic. Panic helps you make the right decision to sell and is definetly not good for me. submitted by /u/erjo5055 [link] [comments]

  • We bounced from a 30% -40% crash to a 8% - 17% “dip” I think that’s a really good sign actually.
    by /u/kirederf7 on December 4, 2021 at 4:51 pm

    We went from a pretty hard crash to pretty much a big dip in a matter of hours. This to me seems a pretty damn great recovery, crypto is really strong atm imo. So yeah, I’m not really scared. It makes me curious how well crypto will hold up against really big crashes in the future. Evergrande could still happen, we’ll see what happens if it goes. We can’t really predict if it will. What do you guys think? I hope crypto will become more resistant from outside news in the future. Untill then I’ll just keep dca-ing. 🤷‍♂️ submitted by /u/kirederf7 [link] [comments]

  • Anyone actually living off trading or is it Just "traders on YouTube" living of viewers?
    by /u/Dnumasen on December 4, 2021 at 3:39 pm

    First of all I am not trying to offend anyone. This is an actual question I have been wondering about since I got into crypto. Is it actually possible to live a sustainable life with crypto trading? Or do you need some kind of other income to go trading with? Sometimes it seems to me it's a lot of luck involved and a lot of traders I watched, did get wrecked or got some big losses. Perhaps they've been a bit unlucky while I watched them, but how does trading feel to you guys? Have any of you guys triets to trade at some point? I did so my self, but I got rekt like a proper newb I am. Does TA actually work, or is it more based on marked trend and educated guesses to get the majority of the trades correct? submitted by /u/Dnumasen [link] [comments]