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  • Why so much hate for Cordano?
    by /u/Successful_Craft3076 on January 25, 2022 at 6:51 am

    Hi It is strange how many in here bash cardano. I mean if someone wants free moons you can title your post "cardano is overrated" and a flood of praises will follow. Cardano has many advantages comparing to other L1 projects: Academic team who are actively researching new horizons and publishing papers. Novel double layer architecture. It has Great security. is extremely sustainable and environment friendly. It almost entirely decentralized. It is one of the few top projects with low share of its coins in the hands of whales (if I remember more than 80% was owned by small hodlers). transaction are fast and very cheap. An increasing number of developers are using its blockchain. For all it this pros and many more, the only cons I heard about is the recent congestion which almost any crowded blockchain experienced so far. People forgive ETH for practically everything but cardano is bad because of a congestion? Or because it didn't grow much in market value? Or is it another reason which I missed? Like annoying fan base? I really think ADA doesn't deserve so much hate. It is a solid project with a really nice team and it might have a bright future ahead of it. Vve submitted by /u/Successful_Craft3076 [link] [comments]

  • Polkadot’s Expanding Ecosystem Makes it a Top Bet for Cryptocurrency Investors
    by /u/hisandherpistols on January 25, 2022 at 6:14 am

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  • Some common mistakes that I made as noobie
    by /u/Key-Percentage-6915 on January 25, 2022 at 6:03 am

    In search of gains I always see when new coins are listed on exchanges they are pumped so much like 6000 percent 2900 percent and i want to make my 50 dollar into 2k in one day so i decide to buy these coin when they are listed but boi i was wrong these coins are dumped so much after 1 minutes of listing I tried buying Lazio and i bought it at 50 dollar and then it dumped all the way to 20 dollar in a day And same happened with 2 more coins so i learned from this mistake whether it was a CEX or a DEX don't buy coin at the time of listing. We should wait for it to dump Always check to which address you are sending your coin whether it's erc20 or bep20 And check the address manually after copy pasting it because of the malware that can change the address 3.dont fomo in those coin when you see a coin pumping Just dyor and DCA into your project Never listen to youtube personalities that say coin is gonna pump Like ada to 4.5 dollar Btc to 100k at EOY No it. Does not happen like this Because no one knows shit about fuck 5.If your portfolio is small and you want to day trade then do check the trading fees of the exchange because some exchanges have high trading fees Never panic sell high sell low I bought some coins in May when I. Entered the market at sold some coins at loss And i regret it Sorry for my bad english it is my second language. Edit :thanks for the awards submitted by /u/Key-Percentage-6915 [link] [comments]

  • Former Goldman Sachs CEO Acknowledges That Crypto Is "Happening"
    by /u/bdinu89 on January 25, 2022 at 5:14 am

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  • I just unsubscribed from r/Technology. It's incredible the amount of massively upvoted front-page anti-Bitcoin/crypto FUD posts, all of them low quality, unsubstantiated and full of falsehoods.
    by /u/simplelifestyle on January 25, 2022 at 4:34 am

    Why they hate Bitcoin/crypto so much. Is because their false beliefs about the chip shortage mistakenly blamed on POW, is it because they feel bad for "missing the train". Or maybe they are influenced by the MSM lies and false narratives about "Bitcoin is bad for the environment" or "just a speculative bubble/pyramid/Ponzi scheme" without doing any research or due diligence by themselves. Maybe it's a social engineered manipulation by big actors on that sub. They are missing the big picture: Why would I ever give up my Bitcoin for printed-to-infinity government coupons (IOU's)? Neo: what are you trying to tell me, that I can trade my bitcoins for millions someday? Morpheus: No, Neo. I'm trying to tell you that, when you are ready, you won't have to "When measured in fiat, Bitcoin price will rise infinitely". "Bitcoin has no top, because fiat has no bottom". I will NEVER sell my Bitcoin for printed-to-infinity government IOU's, the same as somebody who bought a block in Manhattan on the 1800's will never sell it no matter how high the price goes when measured in ever-worth-less USD. You earn in value appreciation/equity against USD as well as in the expensive rents your tenants are paying. If you need even more fiat you borrow against it, and pass the prime real estate to your children and grand children... for many generations, and they don't ever sell it for fiat either. submitted by /u/simplelifestyle [link] [comments]

  • What do you think will happen to the crypto world if there is war between Russia and Europe?
    by /u/ManueLuKaS on January 25, 2022 at 4:04 am

    What do you think will happen to the crypto world if there is war between Russia and Europe? Currently the entire market is clearly down including cryptocurrencies. In the event of a war between the two powers, the market would react with great instability. Normally the result is exponentially more variable in the crypto market. All this in response to the news that the United States has deployed troops and is withdrawing civilian personnel from Ukraine. By the way, I don't know if this violates the rules. submitted by /u/ManueLuKaS [link] [comments]

  • Does anyone else find it ironic that Silk Road was essentially the best use-case for what Bitcoin was always intended to be: purely peer-to-peer electronic cash.
    by /u/NathanGorgeous on January 25, 2022 at 3:53 am

    Obviously, what was being bought and sold were terrible things for society, but I just find it funny that Bitcoin is now this difficult and abstract thing explain to people when the original whitepaper made its intentions so clear. Silk Road was legitimately the proper use-case for Bitcoin: pure peer-to-peer electronic cash. I don't know if "irony" is the right word since it's not technically ironic, but there is something interesting about the fact that this was the perfect use of Bitcoin. I'm not sure if it's exchanges, how governments have regulated those exchanges, or something else are that changed things, but this "store of value" thing is not what was intended for Bitcoin. You may love the store of value angle or you may hate it, but either way: it's not what Bitcoin was intended to be. submitted by /u/NathanGorgeous [link] [comments]

  • If you held all the way to 69k. Then you should not be worried about the current price.
    by /u/Hodlbag on January 25, 2022 at 3:34 am

    When you first got into Crypto and bought bitcoin at whatever price it was... It was lower than 69k and you probably chose to invest long term. So if you held thru to 69k then just know one thing, Bitcoin always recovers.. You should understand that these dips are nothing but opportunities to load up on more crypto. If you bought Bitcoin to hodl long term, past 70k, 100k, 200k... Why be worried about its current price of 34k ? It's nothing but a discount. If you truly believe in Bitcoin and your investment ypu should be buying more. 👌 Key is to be patient and keep DCAing for as long as possible, before the next Bullrun. Don't be scared of price drops. Use them in your advantage. Cheers fam 🙏 submitted by /u/Hodlbag [link] [comments]

  • You don’t need to 2x your money in a week. Set some realistic expectations and you’ll feel a lot better
    by /u/deathtolucky on January 25, 2022 at 2:57 am

    A recurring narrative here is that “crypto is my only chance”. There’s a difference between crypto being your only chance and needing to 2x your entire portfolio every week. I realize that we aren’t here to be “ok”. However, it’s easy to lose sight of the big picture and start dreaming about your yacht with a helipad and what colour lambo you want. What’s absolutely insane is that you can generate the yield off of stablecoins that our parents and grandparents needed a medium to high -risk investment portfolio to get. Will this get you f*ck you money? No. But if you’re really being honest with yourself, how greedy do you need to be? DCA, HODL and don’t let other people get in your head about how you need to keep up with everyone’s 10x gains overnight. You’ve already found the golden goose in crypto. You don’t need to work the goose to death submitted by /u/deathtolucky [link] [comments]

  • I'm from El Salvador...UPDATE 6
    by /u/Tux_fan on January 25, 2022 at 2:42 am

    Hi, it’s been a while. Since my last post, I had almost no time to reply or prepare new material for Reddit. I owe you the info about buying property and how to be safe here in El Salvador. This time had been a complete rollercoaster for me since my family and co-workers’ family got covid so the amount of work I had to do by myself increase many folds. Fortunately, nothing bad happened and everyone I know had almost recovered. Right now, most of the people in my country have flu…cough…omicron variant…. Anyways, let’s talk about Bitcoin. ----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Overall, there haven’t been any major events, the hype about BTC has decreased and as I have said many times, nothing has really changed. There hasn’t been any type of crypto education aside from how to use chivo wallet. ​ Chivo wallet still has some issues, remember the identity fraud in previous posts? Many chivo wallet accounts were suspended, not sure what variable they (chivo company) use to mark an account as identity fraud but many people were mad because their chivo wallet was suspended…including my father… My father doesn’t really care about BTC but wanted to give it a try, I downloaded chivo app and taught him how to use it, he had like $80. One day he told me he couldn’t access the wallet and that’s where I found his account was suspended. I called customer support and told me that my father has to personally go to a chivo point (the stand where the atm is located) and get assistance from one of the people there. We arrived at the chivo point, told the story to a lady there, and start the verification process, she took photos and videos of my father face and his ID, fill some papers and we were told to wait 30 days…that was in December…up to this day my father account is still suspended, I did call again to customer service but they just told me to wait, technicians have a lot of work to do since there are many cases like this. Whether my father gets his money back or not, he won’t be using BTC again… I know what you are thinking, why did you use a non-custodial wallet like chivo and not any other wallet? That’s what my father wanted to use, period. I even told him once…that's not your money…. ​ There is another type of fraud that has been seen since last year, they continue to open chivo wallet accounts using other people's documents (identity fraud from previous posts) and somehow link them to the person's bank accounts. Remember that the chivo wallet allows you to send and receive money from a bank account. In this way, they steal money from people's bank accounts without leaving a trace (since no one has been caught). ----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- At the moment, due to inflation, many products have risen in price. I would suppose that due to the variations in the price of BTC, the only thing you hear on social media right now is "buy the dip". The “BTC against inflation” is not used now compared to a couple of months ago. On the other hand, in 2021 remittances increased by 26% compared to 2020, you can read the official article of the central bank here. (Copy and use google translator) It should be clarified that it does not specify the transactions made through the chivo wallet. ----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- I think that’s all for the time being, aside from people like my father whose account is suspended, and a few others whose money has been stolen…everything is fine. ​ As always, I’ll try to answer your questions. submitted by /u/Tux_fan [link] [comments]