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  • If this post helps one person - my job is done.
    by /u/MrNobody8080 on May 12, 2021 at 12:21 am

    I saw 3-4 posts in the past couple of hours already about gambling / Futures Trading etc. and I just wanted to share "few" words. ​ I was around 13 years old when I was on a summer holiday in the seaside city, on one of the evenings walks with my cousin by the beach we saw this roulette guy with his half-broken wooden soviet looking roulette that was barely spinning, (yeah it was the early 2000s he didn't give a shit that he was allowing a bunch of kids to gamble on his "attraction") anyways so we have roughly 1$ pocket money for that evening and we bet on roulette, eventually we get to $16 by few lucky spins and THAT right there was the little spark in my brain thinking that I have found the solution to every problem in life. Hard to describe the feeling but euphoria/excitement are the closest words I can think of. We walked around for few minutes thinking "okay let's stop we have 2 weeks worth of pocket money!!!" - of course, we didn't, lost everything within half an hour and THAT is another spark in my brain feeling this huge grudge and bitterness that how did we allow to lose it all! - So after that evening we kept going back to that asshole roulette dude and losing our pocket money almost daily with idea that "we have to get our pocket money back!" Years went by and I forgot all about that roulette guy and his existence until in my early 20s being a poor student I discovered a different version of it - "online betting" you probably know where I'm gonna go with this so I'll make it as short as I can... first few bets won me some money and I thought, this is it! I don't have to be poor any more! 5-6 years of horrible sleepless nights, terrible mood swings just sitting and steering at my phone screen, betting 24/7, chasing losses, sometimes winning but I would want to win more to pay off huge debts from betting on a first-place (fucking irony...), slowly losing friendships because I either had no money or no mood (or neither) to hang out, I'd count my wages for 2 month's ahead on a calculator to convince myself that I can gamble and pay it off from my wages and most importantly I quite a few times had suicidal thoughts when I just saw no way out at that time. years later my daughter was born (intentionally avoiding to mention dates/years etc - sorry) and that was the tipping point for me where I looked at her and thought now is the perfect time and reason to end all this. I did, haven't gambled since. easy to type in one sentence but man it sucked... no one likes to accept the defeat and especially gamblers. but TIME is a very important factor, as more time went by less angry and bitter I felt, eventually half a year later I had busy dad life, job, few hobbies and eventually it just all went away. I looked at it as a past mistake that I couldn't undo but I could make sure I don't make it again. While I'm at it here's another factor, gamblers are often portrayed as this fucking assholes who only care about themselves and no one else, but the truth is it all comes from a kind place for most people, I remember thinking "If I win this, I'll help out my parents, I'll do this, I'll do that" you get the point. Also, because it's such a taboo to discuss gambling as an addiction (or sickness) people often don't tell anyone because they are ashamed of it and you end up all by yourself in this horrible endless circle feeling helpless and hopeless. Now, why I said all this: Very likely there are a lot of people here who entered the crypto market from a gambling background OR there are a lot of new people who just entered crypto and will potentially see quick +50% +100% + returns which might trigger THAT spark which I had when I won that $16 on roulette and thought world was mine. We here always say "only invest what you are willing to lose" but I know a lot of us overlook that sentence when our portfolios are +100%... So if you get lucky the first few times, stay focused and don't think you have figured it all out and pour everything you have with hopes that you'll carry on getting lucky. or if you are someone with a gambling problem, accept it, face it, talk about it with your family and friends (or us here!) and move on, let all that shit go and start over, take a break from crypto too, walk away for a while and try and get new hobbies to distract your mind because I promise you once you accept that defeat and move on, as time goes by it only gets better and better! ​ I am very sorry for this (probably unnecessarily) long ass post but I had to share it because reading real peoples stories like this helped me get through quite a bit. submitted by /u/MrNobody8080 [link] [comments]

  • Daily Discussion - May 12, 2021 (GMT+0)
    by /u/AutoModerator on May 12, 2021 at 12:00 am

    Welcome to the Daily Discussion. Please read the disclaimer, guidelines, and rules before participating. Disclaimer: Though karma rules still apply, moderation is less stringent on this thread than on the rest of the sub. Therefore, consider all information posted here with several liberal heaps of salt, and always cross check any information you may read on this thread with known sources. Any trade information posted in this open thread may be highly misleading, and could be an attempt to manipulate new readers by known "pump and dump (PnD) groups" for their own profit. BEWARE of such practices and exercise utmost caution before acting on any trade tip mentioned here. Please be careful about what information you share and the actions you take. Do not share the amounts of your portfolios (why not just share percentage?). Do not share your private keys or wallet seed. Use strong, non-SMS 2FA if possible. Beware of scammers and be smart. Do not invest more than you can afford to lose, and do not fall for pyramid schemes, promises of unrealistic returns (get-rich-quick schemes), and other common scams. Rules: All sub rules apply in this thread. The prior exemption for karma and age requirements is no longer in effect. Discussion topics must be related to cryptocurrency. Behave with civility and politeness. Do not use offensive, racist or homophobic language. Comments will be sorted by newest first. Useful Links: Beginner Resources Intro to r/Cryptocurrency MOONs 🌔 MOONs Wiki Page rCryptoCurrency Discord r/CryptoCurrencyMemes Prior Daily Discussions Monthly Skeptics Discussion thread submitted by /u/AutoModerator [link] [comments]

  • Whether you've invested 100$ or 100k, if you're in this space, you're way ahead of the line...
    by /u/BTC_Hadzija on May 11, 2021 at 10:53 pm

    PSA for anybody in here, especially people who compare their gains to others, give in to FOMO and are hitting their heads due to thinking in hindsight. The vast majority of people do not invest any kind of money into their future, all they think about is how to spend it on material stuff - as long as you're intrigued by the idea of holding a bunch of currencies that could potentially bring you financial freedom in the future - you're doing really great! You really don't have to catch the next big thing or every single moonshot opportunity, as long as you're in crypto and chipping in funds every now and then, you're setting yourself up for great success in the future. Once you've made substantial gains is also isn't a bad idea to diversify your investments, but that's on you. Getting out of debt is an investment too. Taking the time to understand projects and learn new things is an investment in yourself. Edit: Pressed enter too early. Anyways, props to you for being here and keep up being part of a global change for the better. You're killing it! submitted by /u/BTC_Hadzija [link] [comments]

  • Despite how it feels sometimes, crypto is NOT a get rich quick scheme
    by /u/The_Schemer on May 11, 2021 at 9:54 pm

    It seems like every other day there's a new story on here about someone who turned their $1000 into $100,000 through some random alt-coin. There's nothing wrong with that, but it's always important to keep things in perspective: for every post you see about something like that, there's 1000+ untold stories where someone lost everything on a similar gamble. ​ At the end of the day, crypto can act like any other investment type. It's important to have a strong belief in what you choose to invest in, so that when the eventual dips/bear markets come you're prepared. Sure, some people might've made a good amount overnight on DOGE or ETC, but the same can be said for the people that held BTC or ETH from 2018-present. There's nothing wrong with putting a portion of your spare cash in a long-shot "investment", but you should go into it with the mindset that you've already lost the money. I have way too many close friends and family members who've FOMO'd into some random shitcoin and lost it all, and it's completely turned them away from crypto. ​ As a subreddit, we've got to normalize and encourage deep research into the coins, their use cases, market caps, and trading volume. By making that a key point of the subreddit's discussion, it sets an example for the new guys who may have otherwise yolo'd it into some coin created yesterday. ​ Anyway, just wanted to share my two cents (my two ALGO?). Cheers. submitted by /u/The_Schemer [link] [comments]

  • Advice from a long term investor: delete your portfolio off your phone and use Google Sheets
    by /u/OwNii on May 11, 2021 at 9:12 pm

    I've been investing in crypto since 2017, and with this cycle I've been using Blockfolio to track my portfolio. All things considered, Blockfolio has been great, but it doesn't give you full portfolio information (see below), and it's terrible for your sanity (who else refreshes their portfolio 20 times in a day? That shit's not good for you.   I made Google sheet portfolio template that tracks realtime prices for the top 1000 coins, and it's way better, both for tracking and your mental health.   Missing numbers on Blockfolio:   Checking how much fiat you invested in total Your total portfolio ROI % (with all your shitcoins, is your portfolio up 50% or down? Blockfolio doesn’t tell you). Purchasing crypto with crypto profits: When you purchase crypto with other crypto profits, your portfolio on Blockfolio will either double count this or, you have to delete transactions from the coin you sold (it’s super messy).   The template I made accounts for all of the above. It works with the API and can track the top 1000 coins in real-time.   The full instructions to get the API set-up and how to read the Google sheet can be found here.   The link to the Google sheet template is here   Secondary benefits I noticed a week after ditching Blockfolio for my portfolio:   Besides having access to more information about your portfolio (Total fiat invested, total ROI etc). I also noticed secondary benefits that’s really helped my mental health and psychology with investing on this rollercoaster:   1) You’ll check your portfolio less You’ll check your portfolio less because it’s harder to check your portfolio (an app on your phone vs. Gdrive on your laptop/desktop). So you won’t idly refresh your portfolio on your phone multiple times a day like people do Instagram.   2) Your mood won’t depend on red or green days   When the price of Bitcoin falls, so does everything else (usually). I've noticed that "red" numbers on Blockfolio can affect your mood and outlook on that day. Since you’re checking your portfolio less, market fluctuations don’t affect you as much (because you won’t know).   If you don't think that affects your mood, think about how you feel on "green" days. If your mood is better on green days, then it’s definitely impacted when the crypto markets crash.   3) It’s easier to HODL the less you check   If you’re HODLing crypto for the long term, it doesn’t make sense for you to always know the price everyday - your portfolio on sheets makes your HODL journey way easier submitted by /u/OwNii [link] [comments]

  • Am I the only one that gets super salty watching shitcoins take off while the legitimate, value providing, highly developed projects I'm invested in grow slowly?
    by /u/Desert_Rattler on May 11, 2021 at 8:59 pm

    I can't be the only one. And don't get me wrong, I've zoomed out, I'm up significantly over the last few months but god damn. When I watch Shiba Inu and Keannu Inu and Safemoon and all these fucking shitcoins go off and calculate how much money I would have made if I was willing to gamble that aggressively it pisses me off. Not because I'm missing out so much as knowing what it would do to the crypto market as a whole if these people just invested in any of the projects that are legitimate and have development teams that know what they're doing. I was around in 2017 and things were similar but it feels different right now. Now that we have DEXs where people can swap from one coin to another without the projects having to be listed on exchanges it seems like the a side of the market that didn't exist before has emerged. It's dark, there are no clocks or windows and the carpet is patterned to excite. Gamblers line up to throw their money into the latest and greatest shitcoin and the smart ones get out with significant returns, the not so smart ones convince themselves they've found the next BTC and start trying to indoctrinate as many people as they can into this "world changing technology" they found. submitted by /u/Desert_Rattler [link] [comments]

  • Checklist to spot early cryptocoin gems
    by /u/WD-YA7YA on May 11, 2021 at 7:45 pm

    Many thanks to u/hazelvelvet for sharing her great guide on how to spot hidden crypto gems and avoid the many scamcoins out there. I summarized the guide in a checklist format to make it easier for beginners like myself. Ideally you shouldn't put any money on a coin if it doesn't pass ALL the checkpoints. You can find the checklist here. Use it after going through both hazelvelvet's posts: How to spot early crypto gems Avoid Rugpulls & Honeypots scam coins Good luck! submitted by /u/WD-YA7YA [link] [comments]

  • During altseason pandemonium, obvious rugs sometimes don't look obvious: here's how Shikokuaido Ino's quiet rug was set up.
    by /u/lleti on May 11, 2021 at 7:27 pm

    A huge amount of buzz was set up around Shikokuaido (SHOKK)'s launch today, with a tonne of telegram channels et. al claiming that it's the newest coin release from SHIB's team, which recently got listed on Binance, boasting well over $1bn in market cap. There was no proof behind that one, but given their telegram was set to restrict all inbound messages, there was no way for anyone to ask pre-launch. The launch obviously followed with the usual "ALL FUD WILL BE BANNED" warning. So, most people's fears around a rug would've been quickly assauged, as the LP burn was almost immediately posted in the channel. So, a coin that's burned the LP, and even renounced ownership couldn't rug, right? Anyway, Shikokuaido pulled one of the oldest tricks in the book, and honestly, people could be forgiven for not checking during the pandemonium of trying to get in on the first green candle. Here's the wallet which launched Shikokuaido: 0xdfd09bc459f6adb06de6ddc1fd4d38862a4ef5e2 28% of the coins minted went directly to private wallets (developer/friends of the dev etc) 35% of the coins went to Vitalik 37% of the coins went into the Liquidity Pool So, with a 35% Vitalik burn, that means that out of the remaining supply; 43.1% are held by the developers (there was no pre-sale, this was a "fair launch") 56.9% entered in to circulation edit: calculated wrong - I previously noted 46% went to the "devs"/their friends. It was actually 43.1%. Which is still almost as equally horrifying. So, the current bouncy price action can pretty much be explained by the fact that 43% of these coins will be entering circulation via Uniswap, with a payment in ETH being returned. Unfortunately, while this one already mixes in the slow-rug dev wallets along with the misleading supply via pre-launch burn mechanics, it's got a few more in there too. Rather than being a standard Safemoon fork, this one was forked from one of the Charity Coins - so, while ownership was renounced, this one has a "charity wallet" which it reflects a heavy percentage of tokens in to. This wallet address, and the fee that's paid into it can be changed at any time via the Contract page. Lastly, for the full round-off; this contract also has a blacklist function in place. Meaning that your address can instantly be blacklisted from selling, or transferring any tokens. This is (poorly) disguised as the function AddBotToBlacklist(address a), assumedly in an attempt to persuade people that it would only work on bots. As a note, a contract cannot tell if a wallet belongs to a bot, or a human. It just blacklists any address entered there. Obviously, you'll be instantly banned from Shikokuaido's telegram group if you mention any of the above functionality. Their developers reached out to myself after pinning a post in another Telegram group I'm an admin on, claiming that they banned me "by mistake" after pointing out the supply rug. With gas fees via Uniswap now easily surpassing $300-400 per tx, and this particular coin being held at it's current pricing levels via the slow-supply rug, people who entered with a low amount of cash may find it difficult to exit without substantial losses - however, substantial losses are better than 100% losses, as this contract has been set up to ensure. Altseason is absolute mayhem - and scams are rife, left right and center. If you're buying into a surprise-launch token without being able to read the contract, or do not at least have confirmed/validated information on the team launching it (doxxed via official website & a history of other projects where relevant), you can assume in 99% of the cases that you're being set up for a rug, and will never see your money again. Community/Meme tokens can be awesome experiences in crypto, especially if it's your first entry into the marketplace - but they're also the tokens that are most often set up to rug people who may be naive, or overly trusting towards crypto. Please be careful, and only ape in responsibly with bags that you're willing to lose. Update: Two hours after the time of this post, the coin has been rugged. A massive sell-off was triggered by the private wallets which received tokens prior to Liquidity being added, which dropped the token price by about 95%. Their Telegram group appears to also have been shut down (or renamed/re-linked). Please keep yourselves safe, and ape in responsibly. Here's hoping a few of you made it out on time. submitted by /u/lleti [link] [comments]

  • Last Tuesday ETH was $1000 LESS than it is today
    by /u/jazzhands1 on May 11, 2021 at 6:56 pm

    ...and we’re still coming out of the dip from yesterday! This won’t happen indefinitely, but ETH is having a great, steady climb with some healthy dips (buying opportunities) along the way. There are volumes of DD about Ethereum and why it’s a solid investment. That, combined with the incredible rate of return, makes me wonder why everyone doesn’t have at least a little bit of money in it. These kinds of gains - the kinds backed by research and technology - are the things stock market investors dream of. That’s all. submitted by /u/jazzhands1 [link] [comments]

  • The Cardano Project's work in Africa should be a reminder to everybody the real-world impact crypto currencies can have on ensuring a better future for everybody; not just the wealthy.
    by /u/Julius__PleaseHer on May 11, 2021 at 6:29 pm

    *Trying this again, as auto-mod removed it* ​ Let me start by saying, no I'm not a Cardano shill, and I'm not telling you to invest in it; I'm simply using it as an example here to showcase that crypto is far more than a fun thing to gamble your money on. Cardano recently announced it's ambitions to help elevate underdeveloped nations, one way being that they want to "bank the unbanked". Essentially, give people access to more stable and substantial financial services, who would otherwise not have it. The impacts of this could be MASSIVE in countries that are often stricken with political turmoil and local fiat instability. This gives individual citizens, as well as bigger institutional investors a safer way to store their money if conflict or other variables threaten to devalue the local fiat. I addition to adding an option for more stable finances, they are also hoping to lay down a foundation for African nations to take advantage of. Imagine like an Ethereum network, but with a goal of letting underdeveloped nations have a chance to utilize the full capabilities of blockchain to improve the lives of their citizens. Once example was outlined in a deal between Cardano and the Ethiopian government. Ethiopia plans to use the Cardano blockchain to track student's progress in education, to determine how to improve said education. But just as with Ethereum and other similar networks, the possibilities are pretty unlimited. Something as simple as improving national education standards in Ethiopia would be a MASSIVE and EXPENSIVE undertaking that could never be afforded without the help of blockchain technology. And the impact of improving education could be astronomical. Seeing any movement like this makes me very happy, and very hopeful. My point is this: Sure, crypto is a really fun hobby and money make for most of us. It is fun to watch the (green) charts, and read up on new projects. But lets not forget that the crypto-sphere is way more than an alternative to the stock market. Many of these projects are driven by extremely driven (possibly delusional sometimes) teams, with ambitions to make the world better for all of humankind. This is the reason I can handle the dips and red days without feeling too down about it; because I truly believe crypto and blockchain tech are the future. They will continue pushing the boundary, and could help solve some of our biggest humanitarian crises. So even if I lose some money on ambitious projects that didn't pan out, I feel good knowing that I am still an active part of bringing in a more positive future for humanity. Fiat currency has been ruined by corrupt government and greedy corporations; crypto will certainly have it's fair share of that in the near future. I just hope we don't lose sight of the possibilities it puts in the hands of the "non-elite" If you want to hear any more about the Ethiopia/education project, here is a good article on it. submitted by /u/Julius__PleaseHer [link] [comments]