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  • Celsius just got a data breach, emails and phone numbers of its members got leaked. If you received and email or a text regarding the launch of a new Web Wallet, please, do not open it!
    by /u/Sandrokz on April 14, 2021 at 6:29 pm

    It happened. Hundreds of users are reporting they received either an email or a text message regarding a new launch - obviously it is a scam! Celsius acknowledged the problem on Twitter and we are now waiting for more infos. Funds are safe at the moment, but the data leak is inevitable now, especially the phone numbers sucks (happened to me...). Kinda sad, I guess it’s part of the risk... (I would add photos, but automod would block me) submitted by /u/Sandrokz [link] [comments]

  • We are still really early, people don't know shit about crypto, even if they hold it.
    by /u/MaZZeL3L on April 14, 2021 at 6:24 pm

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  • Stolen funds from 2016 hack being transferred
    by /u/LimbBizkit on April 14, 2021 at 6:10 pm

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  • I think I'd rather invest $400 in crypto than in COIN
    by /u/Jme646 on April 14, 2021 at 5:49 pm

    With Coinbase just getting listed, and price was above the $250 that it was initially offered at, I think I would rather buy crypto. It's very likely that COIN continues this rise, especially with the hyo right now.. It just seems like my money would be better invested in what drives COINs price, cryptocurrency. Did anyone buy COIN? I hope to be able to later, and hopefully at a lower price. Good luck to anyone who was able to buy early! submitted by /u/Jme646 [link] [comments]

  • Coinbase's market cap is over +$100bn, making it the world's most valuable exchange
    by /u/pandoira on April 14, 2021 at 5:29 pm

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  • H&M Group Report Mentions VeChain for Clothing Traceability Solution. - Page 25
    by /u/Confident_Leadership on April 14, 2021 at 4:29 pm

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  • The first Ethereum network upgrade in 15 months is only 18 hours away.
    by /u/Jimbley_Neutralon on April 14, 2021 at 3:06 pm

    The first Ethereum network upgrade in 15 months is only 18 hours away. Make sure to upgrade your nodes! The Berlin fork is scheduled to take place at block height #12244000, which is approximately April 15th 05:00 UTC - 12:00 UTC (1am - 8am EST). Countdown clock is below: Berlin Fork Countdown clock Official Ethereum Berlin Upgrade Announcement What is the Berlin upgrade? The Berlin upgrade will feature a total of four protocols. Each of these aims to conquer some of the pervasive challenges in the Ethereum ecosystem. Some of the protocols to be released in the April upgrade include: EIP-2565 = reduce the cost of the ModExp precompile. This will help calculate the gas prices. EIP-2929 = will ‘increase’ certain gas costs when used for the first time in a transaction. EIP-2718 = will introduce a new transaction module that will support multiple transactions. EIP-2930 = will transaction type with optional access lists. This particular EIP will help alleviate some of the newly imposed gas prices from EIP-2929. The Berlin upgrade is a step towards the Ethereum Foundation’s ethereum 2.0 metamorphosis, with its main new component being a complete change to the way the network processes transaction fees. source Why “Berlin”? After Istanbul, we ran out of names for our planned network upgrades. It was suggested to use Devcon City names for upgrades, and we stuck with it! Berlin is where Devcon 0 took place, and the next upgrade will be called London, where Devcon 1 happened. What should you do? If you are running an Ethereum client (for example Geth, Openethereum, Besu, or Nethermind) please update it to the latest version. Listen to Berlin underground techno Join the party on YouTube submitted by /u/Jimbley_Neutralon [link] [comments]

  • Please stop upvoting Brazilian sob stories
    by /u/ediblepet on April 14, 2021 at 2:55 pm

    There are trends that catch up like fire here. There's the "X coin ATH", which I think is a completely useless kind of post. Little effort, insighless. As if most, if not all, of the users of this sub were not already checking quotations. But another trend that I have noticed recently are sob stories. Those sob stories created by allegedly Brazilians. Yes, I live in Brazil and this is a shitty country. We have a president intent on opening street stores and all businesses regardless of the pandemic death rate, and it would alright if he had acquired vaccines in 2020 (he snubbed the offers instead). Yes, the closures have created an enormous economic crisis, and millions of families now face starvation. But I didn't know this were a sub where people can pan handle. If a Brazilian knows English and has money in crypto, they are part of the (Brazilian) 1%. Stop rewarding con artists. They'll just tell each other and come here for more submitted by /u/ediblepet [link] [comments]

  • The rise of DOGE and other 'shitcoins' is proof that Crypto is still in its infancy with plenty of room for development.
    by /u/Lord_Blazer on April 14, 2021 at 2:35 pm

    The rise of DOGE and other coins that do not have anything to show for it is proof enough that Crypto is still in the early stages, moved by sentiment rather than facts. This is not a bad thing. On the contrary, it is a necessary part of the development of the Crypto scene, in the same way it was for the internet back in the 90's. We need to embrace this and actually feel happy that we are still early to this game. If you get lucky enough, you'll get a lot of money in a short time, but it is almost certain that you'll get there if you are consistent enough in time. submitted by /u/Lord_Blazer [link] [comments]

  • GET Protocol AMA - Drop in and ask us anything about how we are improving the ticketing industry using blockchain, NFTs and other innovations
    by /u/AndyKaufmanHere on April 14, 2021 at 2:28 pm

    Hi everyone! We’re part of the GET Protocol team, here to answer any questions you may have about our project, which currently consists of thirty people (mostly based in The Netherlands) working hard every day to 'disrupt' and improve the ticketing industry. We’ve issued on-chain tickets for thousands of events since 2016 and are currently in the midst of a big expansion, both in terms of our team and international business development. We utilise blockchain, NFTs and other tech to put the power back into the hands of artists & event organisers, while drastically improving the fan experience in the mean time. My name is Olivier: /u/AndyKaufmanHere and today I’ll be joined by Colby: /u/GETProtocol_Colby and Kasper: /u/kasper-guts. We can’t wait to answer your questions but first here’s some information on our project and the current problems in the ticketing industry: Why Ticketing? The ticketing industry is rife with greed and corruption which is tailored to put event goers and fans at the bottom of the chain. Ticket touting has become a widespread plague which sees armies of resellers acquiring tickets to then sell them back on secondary ticket markets at staggering prices. Ultimately these costs are pushed onto unsuspecting fans who have no other choice if they want to go to their favourite events. You don’t have to look far to see the problems, ranging from fake world cup tickets, Ed Sheeran’s own attempt at fighting scalpers, and a huge amount of Beyoncé / Jay-Z fans who were beaten by bots and forced to pay exorbitant prices for their tickets. On the other end of the scale, the largest ticketing companies look to squeeze every last drop of profit out of event goers. Whether it be the mysterious fees, ticket withholding, secondary market ownership or ticket insurances, more innovation seems to go into profit extracting than the fan-artist experience. Unfortunately, artists and event organisers are forced to watch as their fans get the raw end of the stick, whilst being powerless to do anything about it. This is in part due to the ‘black box’ effect that ticketing companies have over the event life cycle. About GET Protocol GET Protocol offers a solution to the problems that have been plaguing the ticketing industry for decades. Using our solution, artists, event organizers and ticketing companies can offer their ticket buyers and fans a fair, transparent and easy ticketing experience. ​ We have built, battle-tested and fine-tuned our 100% digital ticketing system over the past several years at real events with real, non-digital savvy attendees. (We figure if elderly visitors of theater shows can use your system, anyone can.) From day one we have focussed on delivering a service that improves the general event experience, on top of providing a boat load of innovations under the hood. We utilise a blockchain agnostic approach along with NFTs and cryptocurrency to provide transparency and honesty to an industry that is in dire need of change. Thanks to the inherent public nature of blockchain it becomes possible to keep every actor in the ticketing chain accountable. Our approach is to use the blockchain as an engine, to perform a critical role but do so under the hood, so that everyone can benefit whilst not having to know or understand its role in the ticketing process. Event goers pay for their tickets in FIAT and in the background, GET is used to fuel their tickets and the blockchain is used to register their ticket’s ownership. International adoption Since 2016, GET Protocol has been used in live events around Europe, with 600,000 tickets sold and not one ticket re-sold for profit. After optimising our ticketing system for several years, we were ready to take it all over the world. Although 2020 saw a near-total downturn in live events, it was a blessing in disguise for us, as we were able to fine-tune our white-label approach, which allows any party worldwide to integrate the protocol and issue our smart tickets in their local markets under their own branding. There are currently white-label integrators in Italy, Germany, South Korea and The Netherlands, and we have dozens more in the pipeline. In fact, we’re expecting more white-labeler(s) just this month! Here’s an image from our most recent update blog, the countries in green contain parties that have reached out to us about integration: GET Protocol can be implemented by any ticketing company and our goal is to one day allow any small business, individual or ticket company to set up their own ticketing through the protocol as easy as setting up a website with Wordpress. Our system does not just stop at ending ticket touting, we offer a range of additional features for what we call our ‘smart tickets’. These tickets can be easily resold straight back to the primary market for the price they were purchased for (effectively merging primary and secondary markets) to an anonymous buyer. Event organisers and artists can connect directly with fans through SMS messaging and get a clear picture of how tickets are distributed and used throughout the entire life-cycle. Each ticket also has a dynamically changing QR code which must match with the system at the time of scanning, making screenshotting a ticket ineffective. If you would like to see our system in action then visit this link. How We Utilise NFTs Whilst there are divided opinions over the popularity and actual merit of NFTs, their inherent properties and applications can benefit a lot of different industries. There are several use cases that we are actively exploring for our ticketing such as: Perpetual Revenue Since NFT tickets are programmable, we can introduce a built-in ‘royalty split’ which allows for a profit sharing system that can be tailored by the event organiser and deliver further value to artists, venues and legitimate actors in the ticketing chain whilst cutting out resale platforms and touts. Tickets as collectiblesWhilst this might seem gimmicky, the sentimental experience of fandom should not be overlooked. Think of a digitized version of sticking the ticket to an unforgettable night on your refrigerator, only with way more possibilities to maximize the memories and cultivate a longstanding connection with a fan. As NFTs, tickets can be turned into proof-of-attendance badges, (we are partnering with POAP for this purpose) which can be shown off online and even traded. It can also allow you to find and reward your diehard fans who go to every show, for example by sending exclusive content to those fans in possession of a previously issued ticket. The possibilities and variations here are limitless. Pre-financing of future eventsWe are working on a DeFi approach that will allow event organizers to use their ticket inventory as collateral. This will enable organizers to offer up their (NFT) tickets for investment prior to making any organisational costs. This type of crowdfund investing can help organizers mitigate (part of) the risk of setting up a new event. Especially in a post-Covid world this can be a welcome change. Read more about this functionality here. If you’d like to read more about why NFT tickets make perfect sense, then look no further than this blog post from our blockchain developer Kasper! The GET Token GET is an ERC-20 token on the Ethereum blockchain and it is the fuel for each ticket on the GET Protocol. When an action or state change occurs to a ticket, a fee is required which is calculated and paid in GET. Some examples of these state changes include a ticket being created, validated or shared. This process is similar to how gas fees work with Ethereum. After an event cycle is completed and all tickets are validated and processed, a portion of GET is acquired from the open market and burned by the protocol, this is a deflationary mechanism which we call the GET burnback, more information can be found on the buyback web page here. The Current GET Supply Distribution: Circulating Supply - 15,909,015 GET Protocol DAO Treasury - 2,600,000 User Growth Fund - 4,859,796 As more tickets are sold on the GET Protocol, the buyback results in increased demand for the GET token on the open market. If you’d like to see more details about the GET token, visit our Coin Market Cap page. Links Our Blog - Our Website - Twitter - Telegram Community - Your Questions We’re now going to open it up to you guys, curious to hear your thoughts, questions and criticisms. We’ll begin answering your questions at 4PM UTC / 12PM EST! Maybe we'll drop a surprise in the answers somewhere, but that would definitely only happen by mistake. EDIT 1: Here we go!!! Let's have some fun. EDIT 2: Dang, we accidentally mentioned the surprise. Will share it here as well: We are proud to present our latest white-label integrator: Flockey! Flockey is a newly formed company that combines innovative technology from EY, Forkbeard and GET Protocol to enable event organisers to set up events in a safe & secure way for both attendees and crew. The first event that Flockey is lending its services to is the Eurovision Songfestival* in Rotterdam. (*Please note: tickets for Eurovision ’21 have been issued prior to the pandemic and are not GET-fuelled. All events that use the Flockey ticketing + monitoring application from here on out will be done through GET Protocol.) submitted by /u/AndyKaufmanHere [link] [comments]