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  • Which trend are you certain will be hot trend in 2022?
    by /u/Anxious-Imagination6 on January 19, 2022 at 5:57 am

    In the past year we have seen remarkable growth in the crypto world. The first is the explosive growth of the play-to-earn trend from game projects. There have been a lot of game projects that have been quite successful and exploded with madness, but with entertainment as the main thing, a lot of game projects have bubbled up, and are not viable. Do we need to look carefully if we want to invest in play to earn projects, many of which are created but have no product, or are abandoned halfway. Then there are NFT projects; using NFT to limit piracy and steal other people's brains is a pretty great thing. There have also been many successful people starting an NFT project of their own. This gives authors more peace of mind in creating their work. I've come across some pretty cool projects that apply NFT to art, book publishing, and music. It's quite interesting that product ownership is transparent on the blockchain. Then there are metaverse projects. A lot of big companies have talked about metaverse; recently, metaverse projects have started to attract a lot of interest. I haven't researched much about metaverse, but maybe this is the trend. new direction for 2022. Recently, people have also talked about Web 3.0 a lot. A lot of breakthroughs and applications, of Web 3.0 is put into practice, decentralization and decision by the community, helping users not to be dominated like today is great. I think it will Web 3.0 is still a long way from coming into our reality. Personally, I still have positive views about NFT projects with high practicality, NFT projects about art, books or music. Which trend do you think will be the main trend for 2022? submitted by /u/Anxious-Imagination6 [link] [comments]

  • Influencers are pushing NFT/Metaverse onto you- companies are using it as form of advertising. Be. Careful.
    by /u/YamahaFourFifty on January 19, 2022 at 5:00 am

    Crypto is here to stay, however, the current craze over NFTs (particular the jpeg kind) and Metaverse is a very speculative echo chamber created by influencers. Big companies are jumping on as a way to advertise their own products. I’m all for Crypto that gives real improvements. For example, Bitcoin is hedge against inflation and can be used as a global currency (and underlying foundation for digital). Seems like solid investment. Eth and smart contracts is another great improvement to get rid of the middleman per say- tho still a few issues need to be addressed with the tech (scalability /insurance for when contracts fail / etc) Then there’s DeFi… the entire financial sector / infrastructure has needed an overhaul for years. However, because of the tech foundation of our financial systems - its been extremely difficult to change any aspects of it. With Crypto, not only has it made this become a real possibility- it can also work alongside financial sectors to improve it (better efficiency, better rewards for consumers/customers, more automated, less middlemen. etc). An improvement for all. Now comes the whole NFT / Metaverse / Play to Earn craze. Yea NFT allows for digital ownership, which is great. But do we really think retail investors will continually trade/spend thousands of dollars or euros on a jpeg? Why? Because it was once owned or sponsored by a famous youtuber? Ehhhh… NFTs are going to disappoint many, I think vast majority are into NFTs as a form of a ‘get rich’ scheme and not underlying tech. Metaverse is much the same… it’s a scheme to make money off you. There’ll be tons of toxicity in a virtual world. Just because Zuchburger wants to create a metaverse, doesn’t meant metaverses are the next big thing. Not everything he attempts will turn into gold. Metaverses been attempted many times in various forms. Maybe they’ll finally stick but it’s a very speculative bet at best. Be careful with what you invest in. I think NFTs and metaverse is extremely speculative that’s being pushed by influencers because it caters to their future… I’m looking forward to when NFTs can go beyond jpegs and into something that helps - like preventing scalping of items / tickets. Am I the only one doubting this current NFT use craze? submitted by /u/YamahaFourFifty [link] [comments]

  • USDC flips Tether on the Ethereum network
    by /u/KusuriuriPT on January 19, 2022 at 5:00 am

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  • No. Governments can't kill crypto. They only want a slice of the cake
    by /u/Successful_Craft3076 on January 19, 2022 at 3:18 am

    In what ponit throughout history humanity managed to win against coming future? Answer is never. Prohibition never worked. As an Iranian I am a living witness to that. My government tried to kill VHS , then satellite dishes , then internet , then VPNs , all to no anvil. Why? Because you just can't prevent progress. Specialy if people want that and Even more so if some of those people are very powerful. as long as there is someone to sell and another to buy , no matter illegal or not, that market gonna live. Back to successful was the government war on drugs? How did it end? By marijuana becoming legal! Why a government should make something totally illegal and give away all the profit when they themselves can take a slice? That is what all these fuss are about. They want control and they want their share. And eventually they will have both. And that is much better for crypto market in the long run. We are getting hit by scams and hacks on daily basis. Largest exchanges are getting robbed. Every human being is starting a shitcoin. We need insurance for our savings and some regulations. If that means paying a percentage on tax so be it. So next time don't panic when the federal reserve chair said something intimidating. They are smaller then the whole crypto concept. It is the future and they will come around. If they don't someone else will. Just stay calm and let the bear market pass Cheers Vve submitted by /u/Successful_Craft3076 [link] [comments]

  • Types of Moon Farmers
    by /u/rdood2 on January 19, 2022 at 3:10 am

    The Shiller Driller - Comments just one word, "ALGO", "LRC", "ONE" or other favourites on this sub but if asked probably can't explain what it does. The Portfolio Updater - Creates a portfolio of coins, based off some theme or point in time (sometimes picked by their child or dog) and provides regular updates with screenshots and profit analysis. The Tactical Downvoter - Makes a comment on a post and tactically downvotes other comments to ensure their comment gets as much exposure as possible. The Butthurt Downvoter - Downvotes everything as a pastime. The Shill Questioner - Posts some variant of the question "Which coin are you holding?" but may focus the question on market cap, short-term vs long-term, belief, etc. The Questioning Questioner - questions. The News Poster - Starts every day by posting a news article and consistently gets 5-10 upvotes but every 1 in 10 posts do brilliantly. The One-hit-wonder - Made one post with thousands of upvotes and never repeated it ever again. The New-Waiter - Sets posts to new and doesn't bother reading the post but comments something which is bound to be popular. The Reply Relyer - Has trouble thinking of witty comments or struggles to be seen, so they reply to the top comment to piggyback some upvotes. Moon WHALE - Has 20,000+ moons and surfaces for air every once in a blue moon. Is automatically upvoted as their opinion is highly respected. Golden Karma Poster - Consistently hits maximum karma with ease. The Regurgitater Baiter - Comments "DYOR", "DCA", "No one knows shit about fuck", "HODL", etc. The Comedian - Actually funny. The Self-depricater - "The price will probably go up once I sell", "Sorry guys, the crash was my fault, I bought in". The Judge - Either comments "great post op!" or "Low quality post, moon farming". The Ratio'er - Their comment's upvotes eclipses the upvotes of the post. Disappointed Willy Shilly - They bought a coin shilled on this sub but haven't seen significant gains, so they start complaining. Reply Poster - Makes a post replying to another post with the exact opposite opinion. Unpopular Opinion Dominion - Posts unpopular opinions which are either downvoted to oblivion or upvoted like crazy - no in between. The Hater - Missed out on the meteoric rise of a coin so they always hate on it. Moon Charity Parity - Loves donating singular moons to people. The Hopium Copium - "Bitcoin will hit 375k in 3 weeks". Wen Lambo - "What Lambo colour are you guys going to choose?". The Memer - "Buy high, sell low", "Sir, this is a Wendy's". Early Bird - The year is 2059, "guys, we're still early". submitted by /u/rdood2 [link] [comments]

  • Nearly 70% of US crypto holders started investing in 2021
    by /u/StevenKBeard on January 19, 2022 at 2:55 am

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  • No a single wallet with 23% of Doge isn’t waiting to rug the crypto. Yes it’s RH and they actually own just under 31%
    by /u/GabeSter on January 19, 2022 at 1:31 am

    The main piece of evidence will be the post linked below. That has literally everything you need to know about the situation that nearly guarantees it’s RH link here I’m not going to say it’s perfect that it’s Robinhood… as a single entity in custody of nearly 31% of the supply could definitely become problematic in the event of something like a hack. However it’s not a “rug pull” waiting to happen as this current top post suggests The evidence post has more info about the wallet including tracking a transfer from the previous cold storage #1 to a hot storage #1 then to a users withdrawal who was participating in the alpha wallet release of RH wallets - Yes RH previously said “we don’t own a sizable portion in any of the crypto assets we offer”. Which was taken as RH doesn’t own crypto but the fact are they are a custodian of it and - their users own it. It’s a semantic statement that is “technically correct”. Yesterday via tweet they confirmed this theory that they are a custodian of crypto for their users but they don’t invest in crypto as a company. They also doubled down that they wouldn’t publicly confirm which wallet(s) belong to them. wallet info here submitted by /u/GabeSter [link] [comments]

  • Justin Sun exposed by Vitalik, Tron in scandal. Shots fired. We all knew tron was a scam. Did we?
    by /u/Perfect_Ability_1190 on January 19, 2022 at 1:20 am

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  • Cute video explaining Zero-Knowledge Proof in different levels
    by /u/Orange-Difficulty on January 19, 2022 at 12:29 am

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